Date: June/July 2006
Calabasas Magazine

Sacha Sacket: Nakedly Honest, Honestly Talented
by Amy Ferguson

Sacha Sacket may be Calabasas' most renowned recording artist you haven't heard of--yet. Classically trained in piano and educated in theater, film and music, the USC grad has already released two albums, is currently working on a third and tours regularly throughout the U.S. Fusing pop and electronica with his controlled baritone voice, Sacket is a kinder, gentler version of Robbie Williams, with the sophisticated allure of Brian Ferry and the operatic croon of Josh Groban. Sacket's haunting, poetic songs touch on a deeply personal pain and struggles, filled with intimate details of his life. "There is an absolute need and compulsion for honesty in whatever I write," says Sacket. "What you hear is my bared self." Sacket sells merchandise on his website and recruits volunteers for his grassroots marketing street team, which spreads the word via chat rooms, message boards and good old-fashioned word of mouth in exchange for autographed advanced CD samplers and the opportunity to meet him after his shows. My MySpace page boasts over 12,000 "friends." "It took a few years, and it's still a learning process, but I'm fortunate that this is something I'm able to make a living at," he says. "I don't know if a major label would know what to do with me."

Photographed on April 25th, 2006 by Chris Fortuna.

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