Date: April 2005
Genre Magazine

Sacha 101: Study of A James Dean Boy In Superman's Tights
by Matt Bell

I caught out singer/songwriter Sacha Sacket on the phone as he was driving down the 101 near Salinas, CA in some beat-up old car. The fact that I had no problem envisioning him parked at the desolate farm where he pulled over suitably describes his mysterious persona. And the fact that I really wanted to be there making out with him rightly describes his quiet-guy appeal. Guys, I'm talking about James Dean sexy here.

The first thing Sacket tells me, in his warm baritone voice, is that he just left a gig in San Francisco and that he's on his way to Minnesota for a show the next day. He loves being on the road, but it does get exhausting. Stop with me for a minute and indulge in the glorious homo fantasy of a young, handsome rock star on the lonely road and in need of some release.

Hello, I said a minute! As in one. OK, welcome back. Anyway I tentatively suggest to Sacket, "You must be in a relationship."

Not really sensing my ulterior motive he responds, "Actually, I had a pretty bad break up a while back and now I'm just dating," Dating? OK, whatever.

"What kind of guys do you go for anyway?" I ask, honing in for the kill, trying to gauge to see if I have a chance for a date when he hits New York City's legendary Knitting Factory this month.

"Well, I like all kinds. Mostly intelligent and sexy--you know the Superman model." Sure! All I can think is, "I know that model! I am that model. I fly. I wear red and blue tights. And I occasionally save children falling into the Erie Canal. I even have a theme song!"

You know when you say what you're thinking when you really should be thinking about what you're saying? Case in point, guys. "Really?" he says, the smile still in his voice. "Well, I do own red and blue tights." OK, well that sealed the no-deal.

Sacket had to get back on the road, and the interview was over before I could even ask him why his music was so beautiful and harrowing. But, god, it was worth it just to talk to him, and then we got his picture... Woof!

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