Date: March 15, 2002
Music Dish

Sacha Sacket - Alabaster Flesh
Golden Sphinx Records

By: Michael Allison (Associate Writer)

Artist: Sacha Sacket (
Title: Alabaster Flesh
Label: Golden Sphinx Records
Genre: Electronic Alternative

Sacha Sacket divides the boundaries of several genres to create a musical style that is very refreshing and inspirational. The music combines electronic music and alternative contemporary pop to create a sound that is definitely a relaxing sound for some very sore ears. From the lyrics to the complex arrangements of the music, Sacha holds nothing back on this album. His style is unique, and some would even consider it to be somewhat progressive in nature. The electronic aspect of this music isn't as evident as one would think by the genre labeling. The music is far more of a progressive pop than electronic. No matter what you call it, it's still very good music that contains more than enough substance to inspire and open the mind of it's listeners.

The subtle hints of different styles give this music a flavoring that is very much appreciated. Every song on the album contains that little something special that makes it difficult to pick a favorite. Sacha's ability to draw his listeners into the music with the complexity and power of his lyrics makes this album all the more worth while. I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing Sacha Sacket's name rise to the top of the musical genius pile. This album is only the beginning of what I expect from this amazing artist. The future seems boundless for an artist of this talent.

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