Date: October 17, 2005
Wartburg Trumpet Online

Two diverse muscial talents come to Lyceum stage
by Jenna Anderson, Staff Writer

Two musical events held in the Lyceum entertained and inspired audience members last week. On Tuesday, Raining Jane, an all-girl quartet rocked the audience with their original eclectic sound, while the 'dark and haunting' music of Sacha Sacket poured from the Lyceum on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

Raining Jane's sound is as versatile as the four girls themselves. Their music is rooted mostly in rock and folk, but each song is "further shaped by funk, hip-hop and world music influences," according to the Raining Jane website.

"It’s not soft rock, and it’s not hard rock," junior Jon Runaas said.

The stage presence the band has as a group is note-worthy as well. Not only does the group conversationally interact with the audience but demonstrates chemistry within the band both during and in-between songs, creating a fun, interesting show to watch.

Visit to learn more about the band and hear samples of their music.

Sacket's performance was quite different from that of Raining Jane.

"Hey, guys," Sacket nonchalantly said with a smile after a brief introduction. And with that, he set the mood of the whole show.

The stage was set up with four different-sized keyboards and a laptop computer. Dressed as casually as his demeanor, Sacket sat down on his stool and began. Before each piece, he gave a short description of the origin of the song. Hearing how he wrote the song helped to understand the songs significance to him as an artist.

Sacket wowed the audience with his ability to start playing one melody on one keyboard and simultaneously turn and play a different melody on a keyboard behind him, without watching the first melody at all.

"It’s like classical meets techno," sophomore Kelsey Neiman said.

His impressive technique and style has a classic undertone to it. His lyrics often talk of romance and love, and throughout his performance he spoke of all his 'crushes'.

Sacket showed his more lighthearted side as he played a very dramatic "Hit Me Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears and encouraged the audience to sing along.

"He has amazing talent," Neiman said. "I was really impressed with his music."

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